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Perçin İmrek is a trainer, speaker, author, traveller and an entrepreneur. He has been to 80+ countries so far, given trainings in more than 40 of them on different topics. He is currently living in Istanbul, Turkey. He is also a:

TEDX speaker

Author of 8 books

Speaker of 6 languages

A big karaoke fan

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Trainings on soft skills, keynote speeches, seminars, online events (IG & Youtube live)

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8 books, articles on HR websites, blog posts & my own telegram

I travel

To 83 countries so far, planning to visit every country in the world by I am 40.

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Founded an NGO (Bir Damla) that supports students in their academic years

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Here I share my ideas, opinions and experiences.

December 3, 2020

Topluluk Önünde Konuşma Becerimizi Geliştirme Eğitimi

”Topluluk Önünde Konuşma” yetinizi hem kişisel hem de profesyonel hayatınızda geliştirmek istiyorsanız ve hayat kalitenizi yükseltmek istiyorsanız bu eğitim tam size göre! Eğitim başlıkları: Topluluk Önünde […]
July 21, 2020

Dijital Platformları Etkili Kullanma Eğitimi

Koronadan sonra dijital platformları kaçımız daha fazla kullanmaya başladık? Hemen hemen hepimiz, öyle değil mi? Burada en büyük fark yaratacak olan, ne iş yaparsak yapalım, dijital […]
August 15, 2020

Sınırların Ötesinde Zaman Yönetimi Eğitimi (Sertifikalı)

Zamanımızı yönetemediğimiz için hem kişisel, hem de profesyonel hayatımızda ne kadar çok fırsat kaçırıyoruz? Zamanımızı daha iyi yönetirsek, potansiyelimizin ötesine ne kadar daha çabuk ulaşabiliriz? Peki, […]
July 24, 2020

Belirsizlik Konusunda Kendinizi Geliştirmek İstiyorsanız, Otostop Çekin

‘’İş İnsanı’’ kimliğimin yanı sıra, sağlam bir gezgin kimliğim de var. Sık sık konfor alanımdan çıkmama yarayan ve iş hayatımda da bana inanılmaz katkı sağlayan bu […]

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Testimonials from some individuals I have worked with
  • "I found Percin committed and man of words! His training is full of activities and participants can find it effective in terms of class engagement! He is flexible and man who is working better on plan before the activities are implemented."

    Elam Samiullah - Founder of Rokyan Management Consultancy
  • I am lucky to have met Percin, who is a wonderful person. He is warm-hearted, kind and considerate. At work, he is a real professional, who puts his heart and soul into everything he does. I hope he continues to share his insights, ideas and knowledge with the world for the longest time possible.

    Hande Karadağ - International Trainer
    Hande Karadağ
    International Trainer
  • Right from the day we first met, I knew Percin is different. Given his plethora of experiences, which he harbours through his travel adventures, has always inspired me and the best of it that he did all this at such a young age. Percin is gregarious and knows what he is doing- be it his seminars,business engagements or a casual dinner chat- his inquisitivity and ability to learn new things are some of my favorite traits. I have known him for over 3 years both professionally and personally. Once, while we were mapping strategy for one of his ventures named ‘Bosphorus Story House’ I was positively surprised about how much he cares for the people and his enthusiasm towards digital education Infrastructure. Percin is indeed a very passionate human and most importantly a gem of a friend.

    Ankur - C-Suite(CXO) Business Strategist and Public Speaker
    C-Suite(CXO) Business Strategist and Public Speaker
  • I have always been impressed by Percin’s capacity to stretch time and make the most out of it. He’s incredibly productive and self-motivated. Whenever he delivers a speech or a training, I know that he’s giving the best of himself; his life experience, his extensive business experience and wisdom, and his whole heart. Why? Because everything he does reflects his highest purpose: To inspire and be inspired.

    Maika Endo - Wellness Entrepreneur Coach - maikaendo.co
    Maika Endo
    Wellness Entrepreneur Coach - maikaendo.co
  • I've known Perçin for five years, and what I am the most impressed with is his willingness to always improve himself and to go after his goals regardless of the obstacles and setbacks he may face along the way. He's a savvy entrepreneur, a great leader and I'm lucky to call him a friend.

    Jennifer Migan - Editorial and Content Manager at ByteDance
    Jennifer Migan
    Editorial and Content Manager at ByteDance
  • Percin is a wonderful and thoughtful young entrepreneur that I have been blessed to have crossed paths with in life. He selflessly gives his knowledge, passion and time wanting nothing back in return other than to have made a difference.

    Dave Ziegelman - L'Oreal
    Dave Ziegelman
  • "Percin is a trainer like nobody I have experienced. He combines the intellectual skill of his training with a heartfelt presence which evokes genuine care and passion. You can feel how invested he is into his career, and this committment is displayed in the quality of his trainings. Personally, conversations with Percin have encouraged me to start the career I wanted as a Life Coach and Speaker. He is not only a seasoned professional speaker and trainer, but a man with a great soul."

    Tj Meagher - Life Purpose Coach
    Tj Meagher
    Life Purpose Coach
  • Percin Imrek is trusted business partner and strong professional in his field of expertise. It's great pleasure to have business partnership with Percin, as he is always precise, straight to the point, attentive to the details and considerate at the same time. He is a person to whose professional judgement I will always rely without any doubt.

    Gular Pashayeva - Executive at Pashabank
    Gular Pashhayeva
  • It has been a pleasure working with Perçin. Ease of communication and personal investment is one of the best qualities that I enjoyed working with Perçin.

    Ahmad Hamdi - Founder of Creative Nour
    moon corp
  • We have been working with Perçin since the last 3 years. He is giving trainings to the children in our platform. The children are very impressed by his delivery, sincerity and storytelling skills. He is an inspiration.

    Burak Kartal - Founder of Fikir Değirmeni
    Burak Kartal
    Fikir Değirmeni
  • I know Perçin since 3 years. Even though we did not meet too many times face to face, he helped me to empower myself through his trainings. There are some people in our lives' whom you get inspired from their perpspective and life style. Every moment spent with him feels like this. Thank you, Perçin

    Nihal Gürbüz - Starbucks CRM Team Leader